Assure the Quality of your Voice Records with AVQ-M


The Quality of Voice Records has become critical for the banks and other regulated financial firms as it will determine their ability:

  • To manage efficiently their risks
  • To enforce their compliance policies
  • To extract meaningful information from the recorded contents for their business.

AVQ-M is a software platform that allows clients to measure the quality of the Voice Records by accurately sorting them from non-usable to high quality records.


The results can serve various objectives:

  • Detect recurrent technical issues on the voice recording infrastructure
  • Reduce operational costs by decreasing manual quality controls
  • Proactively inform the Compliance team of the usability of the calls
  • Increase surveillance efficiency by continuously improving the quality of the voice records.


AVQ-M can be hosted on Citycom Solutions’ private cloud or be installed within the client’s premise

client network


AVQ-M is generally used for:

  1. Voice quality monitoring to identify technical infrastructure issues and to conduct a precise root cause analysis.
  2. Investigation/surveillance as part of a process to extract, access and review voice recordings. These are driven by internal policies, best practices and capital market regulations.


The quality assessment of the voice records is a 3-step process.

3-step process

citycom screenshot