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Specialists in Communications Data Management & Business Intelligence

Release the power and value of your communications data using Digital Communications Governance (DCG) solutions from Citycom.

Gartner emphasizes that DCG solutions must support a variety of communication channels, including video, text, voice, and mobile, to be considered for this category.

DCG solutions enable consistent policy management, enforcement and reporting capabilities such as data retention, surveillance, supervision, behavioural analytics, auditing, and e-discovery.


A recent Gartner report highlights the importance of DCG solutions. These solutions empower businesses to monitor and enforce corporate governance and regulatory compliance across the expanding range of communication tools employees use.


As part of DCG, Citycom has developed
the ARC PRD solutions.


What is Proactive Risk Detection (PRD)?

ARC PRD solutions deliver pro-active notifications and alerts on potential threats and hazards before they cause problems.

Essentials for reliable PRD

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Data Accuracy & Trust

Everyone knows the saying, rubbish in, rubbish out! You need to have confidence in your data to make the right choices and identify reliable insights.


End-to-End Automation

Data accuracy and trust are the foundation for making data-driven decisions. While automation improves efficiency and effectiveness, of many processes.

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Cloud First

ARC platform designed and delivered via a secure cloud environment with a

software-as-a-service commercial model.

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Events of Interest

Surface only key items and events of interest using AI and NLP technology to proactively inform via insightful dashboards.

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“When improving and optimizing, the data algorithms and architecture we saw 2%-3% improved output results. This is good, but it’s tiny. When we improved the data input, we saw 1000% improved output results.”

Sébastien Bubeck – Senior Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research in the Machine Learning Foundations group

What is PRD

Citycom PRD Solutions


Citycom PRD Solutions


PRD Solutions - ARC Platform

Our automation platform empowers businesses to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity.

Citycom leverages cutting-edge AI to craft intelligent automation solutions.


Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, adapts to your needs, and continuously learns to optimize performance.


Telephony Systems Metadata,

Realtime Collaboration (Zoom, Teams etc.),

Voice & Video Recording Systems,

Mobile Comms (MVR, SMS etc.),

Compliance Storage & Replay,

Connectivity Metadata,

Chats & Messaging,


ARC Platform

About us

Founded in London in 2012, Citycom has evolved into a global organization focusing on providing voice & data solutions for our partners and to our customers.


Citycom is an innovative, flexible and dynamic developer and supplier of solutions that enable our customers to utilize their data to gain insights while maximizing profit, reducing risk and enhancing customer and employee satisfaction.

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