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Compliant Voice Assurance

the only way to be assured your recordings are truly compliant

Developed using 10 Years’ experience in the 3rd party recording compliance sector, Citycom provides a unique application that delivers assurance reporting and analysis. 


Assured Compliance

Definition: 'The collective term for the measures taken by an institution to ensure that regulations, policies and processes are adhered to, and seen to be adhered to'

A recording assurance application that confirms regulatory requirements are met, residing on ARC, a secure cloud platform. Delivered quickly, easily and cost effectively as a service.

The Business Times

"It is what all compliance recording industries must have!"


10 reasons why Assure is unrivalled


Fully Assured

Proactive reporting on any lost calls, recordings, inaccuracies, or audio quality issues on every single recording file


Fully Automated Assurance

No need for any costly manual checks to validate recording presence, accuracy and quality


Cloud Platform

Secure cloud platform. Connect to telephony and communications platforms with zero integration


SaaS Model

Genuine SaaS model provides ultimate scalability and flexibility


Simple to Use

User Interfaces and dashboards provide easy access to functions and reporting that supports compliant workflows 


Historic Data Migration

Analyze historic recording data via our proven process of validation and cleansing, to understand and filter files for ingestion into new recorders or archive systems


Open Data Standard

The platform is built using an open data standard, allowing easy access, analysis and control of your data


Improved Data Efficiency & Effectiveness

Filter recordings to select the valuable files, that improve the accuracy of analytics and surveillance, reducing false positives 


Added Flexibility

An agnostic standalone solution provides assurance capabilities to existing or 3rd party recorders


Future Proof

Continuous improvement using AI to ensure improved accuracy and output across all emerging communications

Who needs Assure?

Organizations that;

  • Are required by the regulators to retain and analyze communication recordings

  • Rely on the validity of the communication recordings; meaning are they truly recorded, accurate, usable, and relevant

  • Are using any multimedia communications tools and need to be compliance assured

  • Want to reduce the cost of compliant recording while incorporating advanced technology leveraging AI


What is Assure?

A platform that provides the capability to identify the accuracy, quality and usability of your all your communications

Assure has the following capabilities:

Call Matching (CDR Reconciliation)
  • Telephony system to recorder comparisons

Data Matching
  • Validating all data accuracy

Quality Scoring
  • Voice recording file quality score 


How does it work?

Assure Architecture.png

Business benefits of Assure

Reduce costs 
  • Negate the necessity for manual assurance checks and associated significant costs

  • Move to a SaaS model avoiding the risk of hidden costs, updates, upgrades and expensive on-site support

  • Improve efficiency in reviews and investigations

Reduce risks 
  • Less regulatory compliance breaches and fines due to missing, lost, inaccurate or poor quality recordings

  • Management and control of compliance regulations adherence, disputes and litigation reviews, avoiding embarrassment, exposure and reputational risk

  • Ability to control and analyze important business data, bringing it to life

  • Open data standard provides security of future proofing and access to data for analytics and monitoring use cases etc.

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