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Compliance Assured Replay

an unbeatable & unrivaled, unique world-class SaaS proposition

Leveraging 10 Years’ experience in the 3rd party recording compliance sector, Citycom announces the launch of the world’s first Fully Compliant Cloud Recording application


Assured Compliance

Definition: 'The collective term for the measures taken by an institution to ensure that regulations, policies and processes are adhered to, and seen to be adhered to'

The world’s first truly compliant replay and storage solution that assures regulatory requirements are met, while providing built-in advanced functionality and AI. Residing on ARC, a secure cloud platform, it can be delivered quickly, easily and cost effectively as a service.

"It is what all compliance voice industries have been searching for!"

The Business Times

10 reasons why CAR is unrivalled


Cloud Native

  • Built for purpose 

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Provisioned in the Cloud 

  • SaaS pricing and flexibility

  • Fast to deploy & easy to support 


One Solution for all Markets

  • Capital Markets / trading

  • Back office 

  • Contact Center

  • Command & Control 

  • Mobile 


Compliance Assurance

  • Accuracy, quality and usability of all your voice recording files to ensure compliance

  • Agnostic with all recorders & PBX


AI and Voice Analytics

  • Transcription 

  • Categorization

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Biometrics

  • Lexicon search


Monitor Virtual Meetings

  • Surfaces events of interest, using Computer Vision & Audio

  • Facial, object & gesture recognition

  • Chats & screen share


Legacy Data Migration

  • Effectively migrate data from legacy recording systems

  • Match & filter recordings to select the valuable files, that improve the accuracy of analytics and surveillance, reducing false positives 


Advanced Functionality

  • Screen recording, quality assurance, agent evaluation, PCI compliance, agent notes, supervisor, reporting and more


Compliant replay

  • GDPR

  • MiFID II


  • PCI, and many more


Fully integrated

  • RingCentral

  • Cisco UC and Webex

  • Microsoft Teams 


  • Zoom

  • Genesys and 54 others


Reduced Overhead

  • Global NOC 

  • Proactive automated tool to reduce manual monitoring

  • Regional or global models 

  • Fully resilient with unlimited storage

Who needs Compliance Assured Replay (CAR)?

Organizations that;

  • Are required by the regulators to retain and analyze communication recordings

  • Rely on the validity of the communication recordings; meaning are they truly recorded, accurate, usable, and relevant

  • Are using any multimedia communications tools that need to be compliance assured

  • Want to move from on-premise expensive and unusable archived files, to a usable cloud based platform

  • Want to reduce the cost of compliant recording while incorporating advanced technology leveraging AI


What is Compliance
Assured Replay?

Call Matching (CDR Reconciliation)
  • Telephony system to recorder comparisons

Data Matching
  • Validating all data accuracy

Quality Scoring
  • Voice recording file quality score 

Cloud Storage
  • Store all communication types

Search & Replay
  • Playback recordings using dashboard

Compliant Data Archive
  • Apply compliant retention


How does it work?

CAR Architecture.png

Business benefits of Compliance Assured Replay (CAR)

Reduce costs 
  • Eliminate on-premise servers, storage and support costs

  • Remove the requirement for recording software licenses and maintenance

  • Negate the necessity for manual assurance checks and associated significant costs

  • Move to a SaaS model avoiding the risk of hidden costs, updates, upgrades and expensive on-site support

  • Easy to deploy and manage via a single vendor, reducing internal management overhead

  • Easy to connect to virtual meeting tools with zero integration or internal IT expenditure 

  • Improve efficiency in reviews and investigations

Reduce risks 
  • Less regulatory compliance breaches and fines due to missing, lost, inaccurate or poor quality recordings

  • Management and control of compliance regulations adherence, disputes and litigation reviews, avoiding embarrassment, exposure and reputational risk

  • Ability to control and analyze important business data, bringing it to life

  • OPEX based, manageable and forecastable budgets fixed for agreed term periods

  • Open data standard provides security of future proofing and access to the data for analytics and monitoring use cases etc.

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