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OBSERVE Real Time Collaboration Monitoring 

Enriches data using capabilities within the ARC platform to continuously monitor multimedia systems and present meaningful outputs via dashboards. Automatically surface items of interest within a defined supervisory workflow to provide better business insight for smarter, faster decisions.


Enriching data and signals of interest

Using capabilities within the ARC platform, we enrich the real-time collaboration data. Using both, the original and enriched real-time collaboration data, signals are produced and key items of interest are surfaced for continuous monitoring, further analysis and escalation using our standard dashboard.


Capabilities used to enrich the core data in OBSERVE

Facial Recognition (inc. sentiment)

Object Recognition
(inc. document types)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for screen sharing

Voice Content

Voice Sentiment 

Voice Biometrics

Dashboard Interface (UX)

The dashboard identifies the following elements, automatically surfacing ONLY items and events of interest for review:

  • Confidence score for validation of participant (biometrics)

  • Identification of sentiment (sentiment score)

  • Sentiment trending (per call or operator)

  • Surfacing of key words/phrases (confidence/accuracy score and alternative options)

  • Integrates into supervisory workflow

  • Summary metrics of usage including trends

  • Search & replay of each collaborative session

  • Ability to move directly to the items of interest 

  • Simple export of all data to 3rd party systems/archive

Dashboard Widget
Dashboard Widget

Common Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance 
  • Communication compliance surveillance

  • Conduct risk 

  • Inappropriate sharing of docs and screen information

Contact Centers 
  • Customer Experience (CX) – Monitoring for customer behavior and trends to highlight areas for improvement and further training

  • Quality Assurance – Agent adherence to script 

  • Performance Management – Analysis of agents against key performance criteria 

  • Conduct Risk

General – any usage of Real Time Collaboration tools
(Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceutical, Sales Management)
  • Security 

  • Who is on the session?

  • Inappropriate sharing of files and screen sharing

  • Conduct/behavioral risk monitoring

  • Wellness monitoring of employees

  • Litigation Review – Investigation for legal evidence

Benefits – Smarter, Faster Decisions

Reduce costs 
  • Reduction of manual resources when monitoring – less people to review the data

    • Only items of interest surfaced = efficiency

  • Reduction is storage costs – only keep the data and recording you need

  • Reduction in false positive instances = reduce wasted resource time

Reduce risk 
  • Reduce and pro-actively manage the security risks of remote workers

  • Immediate proactive identification of bad behavior, regulatory, security or criminal breaches

Improved performance 
  • Proactive employee wellness management – how do you know there is a problem with remote working employees?

  • Targeted effective training based on behavioral analysis and observation

  • Removal of bad actors quicker

  • Smarter remediation of errors avoiding potential dispute, non-payment and litigation

Improved Customer Satisfaction 
  • Using real time collaboration tools – richer and more quality interaction augmenting face to face or phone calls

Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Safe remote working enabling the flexibility and balance of office and remote working, all employees are looking for – this will provide staff retention and attract employees 

    • Staff are leaving companies if they don’t provide this flexibility – but its two-way street and they must be monitored 

Overall, all these benefits provide

Increased profit
Increased growth
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